Top Drupal Modules You Should Have

With its uniqueness and flexibility, Drupal has always been one of the top CMS. Besides the cores, the backbone of the Drupal system, what makes this CMS special is its large collection of modules. Let’s take a number of popular Drupal sites, can you find any of them don’t use even one extending modules? Needless to say, they are indispensable. They give you the ability to enhance the Drupal functions, features, and grant you the power to do many incredible tasks.

Let’s browse through the lists:

Drupal8 Features

Drupal 8 will boast the addition of over 200 new features.Here are a few of the highlights that may be particularly important to Drupal 6/7 website administrators, content creators and those looking at building a new project with Drupal.

How Much Time You Have Wasted on Facebook?

Facebook (né will celebrate its 10th birthday next week. It seems like just yesterday that college students were up in arms over high schoolers being allowed to use the social network. Now everyone—your 13-year-old cousin and her Facebook drama, your uncle that hates Obamacare, your grandma who comments on all your pictures, YOUR MOM—is on Facebook.